Inspired by the likes of retro house legend MK and 90s revivalists Bicep, Attack’s synthesis expert Marc Adamo demonstrates how to create a modern take on the classic Korg M1-style house organ bass using Native Instruments Massive.

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7th January, 2013

  • chus

    cool thanks more videos tutorials

  • rob

    You have no idea how long ive been looking for a sound like this- its seemingly impossible to download or create anything that sounds remotely similar to Biceps Korg M1 organ stabs.

    Thanks so much!

    – Subscribed.

  • wjmwpg

    Little known fact. This house organ sound is always attributed to the Korg M1, but was in fact part of the Korg Factory disk set for the DSS-1 sampler before the M1 was released. In fact many famous M1 sounds are in those DSS-1 disks and later put into the M1 . . . they just weren’t famous yet! 😉

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