If you are looking to buy a MiniFreak or MiniFreak V by Arturia we take you through both to help you make your decision.

France-based Arturia, with its recent additions to the Freak lineup, continues to add to its wide-ranging product line, which includes hardware synthesizers, software instruments & effects, audio interfaces, and MIDI controllers – they also have a great library of sound & preset packs with free and paid options.🥚

For most of us in the music production community, MiniFreak came out of the left field as the follow-up to the MicroFreak. Upon its release, the MicroFreak stood out with its unique PCB key strips, digital oscillators feeding into a true analog filter, and exciting note sequencing and randomization features. And now, the MiniFreak, with Arturia opting for a more traditional 37-note velocity-sensitive Slim-key keybed with aftertouch, retains its freakish nature and adds a host of thrilling new features. 

Okay. Let’s start here: think about how much it’d cost to get into hardware modular sound synthesis today. For many, it can be a very scary thought – it’s expensive! With that in mind, why not consider Arturia’s new MiniFreak?

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7th February, 2023

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