MFB Tanzbär 2

Launched: 2018
Original MSRP:
Current Price: €979

The next iteration of Tanzbär, MFB’s drum machine, Tanzbär 2 is a slightly different drum machine beast. Whereas the original Tanzbär was a 16-channel analogue drum machine, Tanzbär 2 is a hybrid—8 analogue and 8 digital drum instruments, with a nice LCD display for happy tweaking. 

MFB Tanzbar 2

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The Analog circuitry features a bass synthesizer with an SSI filter, two kick drums, two snares, and three voices for toms and congas. The digital engine, on the other hand, features three sample voices with five sample instruments (two types per voice) and an analogue multifilter. Tanzbär 2’s modulation possibilities are considerable, as it features 16 LFOs (one for each channel) with different waveforms and MIDI-synced rates.

Tanzbär 2 also comes with a step sequencer with variable step length for each instrument. It also has 16 types of Flam (drum fills) and connects to external gear via two additional MIDI channels. Each step can have its own recordable sound thanks to Elektron-esque parameter locks, and 100 patterns of up to 64 steps (that can be chained together) can be stored on the Tanzbär 2. 

Tanzbär 2’s sample storage sits at 300 seconds across a total of 208 files. This makes the drum machine a great device for loading one-hots for percussion or any other sounds one desires. 

Now, it’s important to remember that the bass synthesizer mentioned above is an actual bass synthesizer. That’s right: a two-for-one special. Tanzbär 2 can do sequenced beats and basslines, making it a potentially powerful piece of kit for acid tunes, or just about any type of electronic music. 

18th December, 2019

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