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Waves H-Delay


Waves describe H-Delay as a ‘hybrid’ delay plugin, largely inspired by classic digital delay units but incorporating elements of analogue designs in an attempt to offer the best of both worlds. In practice, a large part of what makes H-Delay so effective is the fact that it’s one of the more simple plugins on our list. It’s clear that no corners have been cut with the sound quality itself, but the user interface has been kept deliberately basic, with just a few knobs to control delay time, feedback, modulation and filtering.

The key parameters in terms of colouring the sound are the LoFi button (which engages lower sampling rates to mimic the sound of early digital delays) and the Analog dial (which offers varying degrees of distortion and analogue-style saturation across the frequency range). It’s just enough to create a versatile effect while keeping things as simple as possible.

If you prefer to get your hands dirty and tweak every last parameter of the sound, something like Soundtoys’ EchoBoy might be a more appropriate option. If you want immediacy and superb sound quality, H-Delay is the obvious choice.


7th September, 2015


  • I always loved Nomad Factory’s “Echoes”. Just a beautiful sounding bit of kit. Fxpansion’s “Bloom” is equally lovely, just ridiculously complex with it.

    Love it that there’s a shout out for “Ratshack Reverb” too. I put that on so many of my tracks, I think I need an intervention….

  • I was just about to question the lack of UAD Space Echo, then I noticed they’ve discontinued it. Anyone know what’s happened there? Looks like Roland have withdrawn the licences for Roland emulations or something? I’m guessing they’re going to release plugins of their own…

  • Also missing Valhalla Ubermod, more than just delay. I didn’t know about the UVI one, seems great.

  • Echoboy is incredible, definitely one of my desert island plugins. I lot of the time I don’t even use it as a delay, turning the echo time to 0ms and tweaking the saturation settings to get awesome lo-fi tape warmth and wobble. Echoboy is more than a plugin, its an instrument.

  • Wow you’re right Spicer, good thing I finally just purchased it a couple weeks ago when it was on sale.

  • Hey Spicer there is an emulation of the space echo in NI Guitar Rig that has a great vibe.

    Gotta say the Waves J37 is my all time fave tape delay in the box.

  • The PSP 42 isn’t actually endorsed by Lexicon. There is a post on a well known forum where one of their engineers said he relayed that he didn’t think it sounded that close. But the next thing he knew PSP was marketing it as such.


    or however you spell the damn thing

  • This seems ridiculous to split up an article into 11 pages. Does anyone actually like clicking through to the next page 10 times?

  • more page vieuw but less readers


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