Full Bucket Music FB-3300


We start our list with a recreation of the very rare Korg PS-3300, an absolute behemoth of a polyphonic synthesizer from 1977. The PS-3300 was completely polyphonic, and essentially three single-oscillator PS-3100 units in one box, meaning that, were you to hold down all 48 keys, you would be sounding 144 VCOs simultaneously. Ridiculous.

 Full Bucket Music FB-3300
ten of the best analogue synths

Full Bucket Music’s FB-3300 lovingly recreates the PS-3300 in all its idiosyncrasies, from its semi-modular architecture à la the MS-20, to its still-very unique bank of bandpass Resonators, to its ability to individually tune each note of the scale—per oscillator. Yes, each note of each oscillator can be individually tuned. Paging Richard James.

All of this insanity would mean very little if the FB-3300 didn’t sound the business, and it does. Very much so. Given its full polyphony, three pannable oscillators, and a wealth of modulation options, it lends itself towards evolving pads and string sounds but it’s also happy doing effects, leads, and bass. The sound is full and musical and very Korg, with a pleasing woolliness at the edges. It’s frankly astounding that this is a free synth.

Should the FB-3300 be too much synth for you, Full Bucket Music also offer the single-oscillator FB-3100 and two-oscillator FB-3200.

6th November, 2019

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