Eventide Space


Don’t let appearances fool you. At first glance, Eventide’s Space looks like a big (and staggeringly expensive) guitar stompbox, but if you write it off you’ll be missing out on one of the best reverb units around. Sure, guitar pedals don’t typically offer the best sound quality, but the Space is a long, long way away from being a ‘typical’ guitar pedal. For a start, it’s certainly not just for guitars.

Featuring a number of algorithms based on Eventide’s classic rackmount effect units such as the H8000 and the Eclipse, the Space’s pedigree is clear from the quality of the more basic ambience effects. But that’s really just the start of this unit’s potential. Along with its reverb options, the Space also boasts a wealth of modulation capabilities, from tremolo effects to dynamics, all of which combine seamlessly with the reverb programs in the unit’s 12 combo algorithms.

Space is a long, long way away from being a typical guitar pedal

Space is undoubtedly one of the most creative reverb tools on the market. It’s an effect which makes you reconsider your approach to reverb entirely: rather than just being a tool for creating a mix it becomes an instrument in its own right. Once you factor in MIDI and expression pedal options, tap tempo and sync capabilities, this is a reverb unit you can ‘play’ in real time and integrate with other instruments in your studio setup. The flexibility is just as impressive as the sound itself. It’s incredible on vocals, drums, synths – in fact, it’ll work well on just about anything you throw at it.

At just under £400, the Space is undoubtedly one of the most expensive stompboxes you’ll ever come across. To Eventide’s credit, it’s also one of the best.

25th June, 2014

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