Little Labs Vog

productSome people might not even consider the Little Labs Voice Of God to be an EQ unit in the strictest sense of the term, but we think it deserves inclusion for the way it helps solve one of the most common problems faced when EQing low-frequency instruments: how to boost the the low end without muddying up the bottom of the mix.

The VOG is essentially a resonant high-pass filter, but describing it that way might suggest it’s designed to be used as a creative effect. That’s not the case; you’re not supposed to sweep the frequency while the track plays or use it like you’d use a filter on a synth. Instead, think of it in EQ terms: it works like a peak filter which can be used to apply a very narrow-bandwidth boost to an adjustable frequency range centred between 20 and 300 Hz. At the same time, frequencies below that peak are rolled off with a steep slope.

The Voice Of God name comes from the fact that the unit was originally designed to replicate the proximity effect of a directional microphone when recording and mixing vocals, but it works so well on other sources that you’re just as likely to find a use for it on bass, kick drums or even snares as you are on vocals.

The VOG’s simplicity is its main advantage. Forget trying to set up a pair of complimentary peak and high-pass filters to tweak the low end of a signal. In fact, forget frequencies, bandwidths and gain amounts altogether and use your ears. With just two knobs (plus a couple of buttons to adjust the range of the frequency control), this is a unit which really encourages you to listen to what’s going on and focus in on the key frequencies of the signal.

The VOG is simple, obvious and so effective. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool which does its job with the minimum of fuss. Universal Audio’s official emulation provides the software option.

27th February, 2014

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