Waves’ free StudioRack plugin chainer has been enhanced with a number of new features, including parallel processing, multiband split racks, and macros.

Waves wants you to think in terms of chains rather than individual plugins and has updated its StudioRack plugin host to help you achieve just that. The free plugin, which has been given a facelift and is now V11 compatible, has eight slots for loading Waves plugins and creating split racks.

Waves StudioRack

New for StudioRack V11 is the ability to create parallel processing racks. Parallel processing functions like a send effect in a mixer, allowing the user to control how much of the effect is applied to the signal. These can be split off from the main eight slots at any point, and each parallel split can have a number of eight-slot racks inside it. Parallel processing racks also feature stereo, mono, and M/S imaging functions.

Also new for V11 are multiband racks. Much like parallel processing racks, these can be split off from the main rack. They allow you to create multiband processing environments, with freely adjustable frequency band crossovers. You can have as many (or as few) bands as you like, with the same or different plugins loaded for each band.

Waves StudioRack

Macros have also been added to StudioRack, allowing users to control multiple plugin parameters from single knobs. There are eight available macro knobs and they can be freely edited.

StudioRack has a number of other features as well. It works across DAWs, meaning you can save a chain in Ableton Live and open it in Logic Pro X, for example. It comes loaded with 170 presets and you can make your own. It also has plugin search, allowing you to pull up Waves plugins directly from StudioRack.

StudioRack is free and available now from Waves.

Author Adam Douglas
28th May, 2020

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