If you’re ready for some reading escape from coronavirus – and passing time during lockdown – then take a seat and dive into a few of these highlights from the Long Read archive.

What Will DJing Look Like in Ten Years?

What Will DJing Look Like in Ten Years?
Long Reads

Not strictly from the archives (it was published last month) but at the turn of the year, the trend was to look back. Harold Heath flipped the concept and instead looked to the future. With DJing, and the associated culture, permutating massively in the past ten years, where will will DJing have arrived at come 2030?

Words: Harold Heath

U-he’s Urs Heckmann On Synths, Celebrity Endorsements & Hardware

Long Reads, U-he

Since launching in 2002 as a solo operation, Urs Heckmann has slowly expanded U-he into one of the most respected music software companies around. Greg Scarth spoke with Urs back in 2016 about the feeling that he believes in his products because they reflect his own tastes.

Words: Greg Scarth

What Makes A Great DJ?

What Makes A Great DJ?
Long Reads

It’s a timeless question, as relevant in 2015 as it is today. With contributions from Dave Clarke, Mr G, Mosca and Serge, Kristan Caryl opened the pandora’s box.

Words: Kristan Caryl

The Genesis of Synthesis: 10 Reasons Why The Roland Juno Is The Greatest Synthesizer Of All Time

The Genesis of Synthesis _ 10 Reasons Why The Roland Juno Is The Greatest Synthesizer Of All Time - By Neal Gustafson (1)Long Reads

What is it that inherently makes something better than something else? It’s subjective and highly divisive. Neal Gustafson suggests, without any writers doubt, that the Roland Juno is undoubtedly the best synth of all time.

Words: Neal Gustafson

Model Behaviour: LA-2A Emulations vs Hardware

Long Reads
Universal Audio’s Teletronix LA-2A hardware compressor

Kush Audio’s Gregory Scott uses new LA-2A compressor emulations from Universal Audio and Cakewalk as the starting point for a discussion of modelling, emulation and the use of vintage studio hardware for dance music production.

Words: Gregory Scott

9th April, 2020

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