Soundtoys has announced its huge Black Friday plugin sale. Save big and save early this Black Friday with 50% off the Soundtoys 5 Bundle and up to 80% off plug-ins! Plus, Little Plate is currently free!

After some time out in the cold, Soundtoys returned with SuperPlate released earlier this year. The company spent the time wisely as Superplate is really unique.

And if you’re looking to support do-gooders then Soundtoys is for you. In March 2022, Soundtoys made an ongoing pledge to donate 100% of sales from Radiator to not-for-profit organizations as a way for Soundtoys users to help people in need.

This week they announced that $53,640 was donated to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to make good on this promise. The IRC’s mission is to help civilians whose lives are shattered by conflict and disaster in more than 50 countries around the world, including Gaza, Ukraine, Lebanon, Myanmar, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Haiti, and Afganistan.

Today the Burlington, VT-based company has slashed prices on pro effects software for the annual Black Friday Sale which runs through December 1st, 2023.

What’s included in the Soundtoys Black Friday Sales?

Soundtoys 5 $499 > $249 (includes SuperPlate)

Effect Rack $299 > $149

EchoBoy, Decapitator, Little AlterBoy and the new SuperPlate $99-199 > $49 each

Individual Plug-ins $99-149 > $29

Little Plate – FREE!

In a special message from Ken Bogdanowicz said:

“During Black Friday, we lower the price of our Soundtoys 5 bundle significantly to make our effects more accessible to music makers, mixers and producers,” said Ken Bogdanowicz, founder and CEO of Soundtoys.

“Each plug-in we make is designed to standalone – and to complement the others. When Soundtoys effects are combined together in Effect Rack, the sonic possibilities and creative options are virtually endless. And the Soundtoys 5 bundle is more powerful than ever now with the new SuperPlate reverb in Effect Rack. It takes mixing to the next level”

Try before you buy?

Don’t forget that you can get the whole Soundtoys 5 bundle with a free 30 day trial and still take advantage of the sale if you enjoy using it.

Get Little Plate For Free!

SoundToys Little Plate plugin is a digital audio effects tool that emulates the classic sound of plate reverb. Renowned for its simplicity and warmth, the Little Plate plugin recreates the lush and distinctive reverberation associated with plate reverbs from vintage recording studios.

Users can apply this effect to vocals, instruments, or entire mixes, adding a sense of space and depth. With intuitive controls for decay, mix, and tone shaping, the plugin allows for easy customization, making it suitable for various musical genres.

Little Plate plugin as a versatile and user-friendly tool for achieving timeless reverberation effects in the digital realm. And it’s free currently – wahey!

Little Plate is Free
This little beauty packs a punch 👊


About Soundtoys

Based in Burlington VT, Soundtoys (formerly Wave Mechanics) was founded in 1996 by Ken Bogdanowicz, the DSP effects designer behind the legendary H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer and the DSP4000 line of hardware signal processors from Eventide. Soundtoys develops world-class, creative signal-processing software for audio production, mixing, and sound design. Soundtoys users include Mike Dean, David Sitek, Phantogram, James Blake, Ariel Borujow, Jamie Lidell, Greg Wells, Dave Pensado, Tony Maserati, Tim Kelley, and Blake Mills.

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Author Eric Brünjes
17th November, 2023

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