One of the first companies in this growing space, Soundful has announced Soundful Collabs.

Soundful, a prominent player in AI-generated music production, has recently launched the “Soundful Collabs” campaign, a notable initiative blending artificial intelligence with the expertise of renowned artists and producers.

The campaign aims to encapsulate the unique musical essence, or “Sonic DNA,” of top-tier figures in the industry, including 3LAU, Autograf, CB Mix, DJ White Shadow, Kaskade, and Starrah. This collaborative effort allows users to create customized tracks resembling those of their favourite artists but also establishes a structured path for content monetization.

Diaa El All, the CEO of Soundful, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, “Working directly with this elite group of talented stars to adapt our technology to their signature sounds was a very ambitious undertaking, and quite honestly, took some world-class creativity and engineering to pull it off.”

He added, “I’m pleased that our subscribers can now create tracks in the sound of some of their idols. It’s a significant step towards leveraging the promise of AI to inspire creativity while also rewarding artists and other rights holders with ethical and meaningful income.”

Soundful Collabs is available exclusively to the platform’s Premium subscribers, with an additional fee for finished track creation and downloads. This program provides users with an opportunity to emulate their favorite artists and introduces a new revenue channel for collaboration partners through a revenue split model, marking a notable development in the music production landscape.

Having launched just a year ago, Soundful has experienced rapid growth, accumulating over half a million users, with a significant uptick in the last 90 days. The platform’s momentum has attracted attention from leading consumer brands, utilizing Soundful for bulk content contracts across various mediums such as advertising, social media content, games, promo videos, vlogs, and podcasts.

Soundful also disclosed a select group of early backers, including world-renowned artists, producers, and influential figures from the music, creative, and technology industries. Notable investors include 3LAU, Axwell, Kaskade, Matteo Milleri (Anyma), Matthew Koma, Starrah, Chris Comstock, GUNNAR, Autograf, Jonas Tempel, Steve Angello, and media executives like Tom Staggs, Neil Jacobson, Justin Kalifowitz, and David Unger.

Neil Jacobson, co-founder, and board member of Soundful, and CEO of Hallwood Entertainment, highlighted the transformative impact of the platform, stating, “Soundful is the bridge to both creators and those who need affordable, licensable music at scale through the most seamless platform that exists.” He emphasized the platform’s role in fostering a new wave of musicians globally, redefining the landscape of copyrightable musicianship.

As Soundful continues to shape music creation through its Human+AI collaboration, the industry observes with interest as this fusion of technology and artistry paves the way for a new era in musical expression.

The rapid growth of AI has left some asking questions about the ethical concerns surrounding AI, not just within the music industry. Last week, Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, hosted The AI Safety Summit in Bletchley Park, with guests and speakers including AI innovator and spokesperson Elon Musk.

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10th November, 2023

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