If you’re looking to improve your underground electronic music production chops, you can save 50% on all Elevator Program courses until the end of April!

TLDR? Watch the video below

The Elevator Program D8 conference in Dublin

What is Elevator Program?

Elevator Program is an innovative system for learning underground electronic music production developed by Hybrasil. Over the past 15 years, he has helped thousands of artists master electronic music production. The proof is in the pudding with a large number of producers (over 4000) completing the course and going on to get signed. That includes this belter below by REOSC.

Hybrasil explains:

“Getting started as a releasing artist is tough when it comes to connecting with labels, getting A&R feedback and getting signed. Elevator Program offers a one stop shop, where artists can learn how to make music to an industry standard in terms of production quality and to get their music out there through an in-house label.

Who is it for?

The program caters for all levels, from beginner to advanced. For all levels the program is focused on helping artists learn advanced production techniques and fast-track their creative process.

Elevator Program has over 4000+ members!

Hybrasil was featured in The Irish Times as a New Innovator 2022

What do I learn?

The two main pillars behind the course’s success are originality and functionality, and these foundations allow students to discover their unique voice within electronic music. Courses are divided up as below:

Key features

  • Record label for graduates
  • Mobile learning via user app
  • Ableton based electronic music production courses
  • In built social media platform for music producers
  • Digital magazine for electronic music culture and technology.

Hybrid learning

  • Music Industry conferences & events
  • On-demand masterclasses
  • Blended learning through mentorship
  • Community support
  • Live webinars

Innovative EdTech

  • Social media platform for music producers
  • Mobile & offline learning via user APP
  • In APP purchases
  • Best in-class user experience

Who is Hybrasil?

Inspired by the city where he lives, Berlin, Hybrasil’s music is a rolling thunderous techno odyssey. Will Kinsella, also known as Hybrasil, has developed his teaching methods over 15 years of working as a producer and performer. His music has been featured on Rekids & Awesome Soundwave.

Hybrasil is one of a growing number of innovative live performers. If you like what Attack Live stands for, you’re going to like Hyrbasil.

In early 2020 we spoke with the Elevator Program boss as he broke down five key production thoughts including:

  • How to set up for a live performance
  • How to make your own sound
  • How would you advise someone looking to improve their arrangments?
  • How important is sound design for a producer?
  • Is there a particular technique you do to finish a track?
elevator program berlin

I’m in! How do I sign up?

It’s very simple.

  • Enrol in the Elevator Program
  • Use the ATTACK50 discount for 50% off (until the end of April)

Use ATTACK50 to save 50%.

Offer valid until the end of April! You can enrol for Elevator Program on their website.

5th April, 2023

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