The first episode in Attack Magazine’s YouTube series is out now. Head over to our YouTube channel to watch Skream sit through 100 questions with quick-fire answers.

What is Quick Mix?

Quick Mix is a new series on Attack Magazine’s YouTube channel. Borne out of our interviews in the QnA series, we’ve decided to take the format and redesign it for video.

In episode 1 we invited Skream into the studio to wax lyrical about just about everything…! From his upbringing to his dog Chester (Chesters Groove anyone?), to what his kids think he does to the biggest bender he’s been on and also some crucial music production pointers. It’s all in there and from six minutes, the dubstep pioneer turned techno titan is really firing on all cylinders…!

Who else is featuring in Season 1 of Quick Mix?

Quick Mix season 1 is a six-episode season with the final episode featuring Cici showing on September 15th.

🔊 Episode 1 – August 11th 1pm GMT: Skream.

🔊 Episode 2 – August 18th 1pm GMT: Emerald

🔊Episode 3 – August 25th 1pm GMT: Rudosa

🔊Episode 4 – September 1st 1pm GMT: AmyElle

🔊Episode 5 – September 8th 1pm GMT: Alan Fitzpatrick

🔊Episode 6 – September 15th 1pm GMT: Cici

11th August, 2021

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