Novation has unveiled Circuit Tracks, the follow-up to 2015’s evergreen Circuit.

Following on from teaser videos released over recent days, Novation has finally announced the latest in Novation’s Circuit family of grooveboxes.

Circuit Tracks is the successor to Novation’s 2015 Circuit which for many has become one of the first pieces of equipment bought when getting into music production.

novation circuit tracks

Priced at £359.99/ $399.99 it’s a significant leap from it’s predecessor but Novation has crammed many requested features and more into this screen-less and highly portable groovebox.


  • Two polyphonic synth tracks
  • Four sample-based drum tracks equipped with a re-designed sample flip workflow, allowing the creation of both complex and intricate beats
  • Two new MIDI tracks capable of sending notes and CC automation to external gear
  • DIN sockets for the MIDI in, out and thru connection on the back panel
  • Quarter-inch stereo outputs like the original but with the welcome addition of new analogue sync output
  • USB C connector/power supply
  • MicroSD card slot to expand the storage and a new pair of mono audio inputs
  • Lithium-ion battery giving up to four hours use
  • Multiple firmware updates including a new mutate feature.

It’s an exciting time to release an updated model. The groovebox market has expanded rapidly since 2015 and after six years, the demand looks healthy. With Elektron, Akai, NI and Korg all competing, there is a significant market and Novation are coming from a position of strength having a huge user base of Circuit fans.

Novation Circuit Tracks

For further use, Circuit Tracks can run alongside Novation’s Components software, in your browser or as an app. You can then control Components, create patches with custom macros, load samples, make MIDI templates, back-up projects and get new sounds. Pefect for live performance.

To find out more visit Novation’s product page. Circuit Tracks ships Feb 12th.

Read our review of the original Novation Circuit here.

9th February, 2021

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