MIDI Sync for Launchpad, a free production workshop for girls, and check out the sequencer that became Ableton Live.

MIDI Sync for Launchpad. Novation has added a MIDI sync output feature to Launchpad for iPad, allowing the loop triggering tool to work with other music-making apps and external hardware. The update comes as an in-app purchase via the app, which is available for download via the Apple App Store here.

The Sequencer That Inspired Ableton Live. CDM reveals a piece of electronic music history: the PX18. Developed by Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles as Monolake, the PX18 was a step sequencer and timeline software with tracker-style and mathematical features. It went on to inspire the first version of Ableton‘s Live DAW, and it’s even downloadable. Check it out here.

SFX Bankruptcy Brings Finances Public. SFX Entertainment‘s filing for bankruptcy protection has made detailed financial information available to the public, showing that the company generated $140m in revenue in both 2014 and 2015, but that losses more than doubled, from $5m to $13.2m. Find the full story here.

Splice Releases Beat Maker. Splice‘s new web app Beat Maker allows you to sequence beats straight from your browser, using individually downloadable samples. Try it out for yourself here.

New Ways Into the Brain’s ‘Music Room’. By analysing scans of the brain’s auditory cortex, and grouping clusters of brain cells with similar activation patterns, research scientists at MIT have devised a radical new approach to brain imaging, which reveals the neural pathways that react to music. Read the full story here.

A Free Production Workshop For Girls. Producers E.M.M.AIkonika, Dexplicit, and P Jam, with support from Radar Radio and Image Line, are offering a free females-only introductory production workshop in London. Spaces are limited – apply by emailing emmaproducer@radarradio.com before Friday March 11. Find out more here.

Benga and Pinch Look Back at Their Roots. After a year away from music following his diagnosis of bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia, Benga meets Pinch to promote their return to Fabric’s Room Two with a conversation about their roots, recapturing the freedom and creativity of the early 2000s, and the birth of the dubstep movement they both pioneered. Read it in full here.

19th February, 2016

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