Watch a UK garage retrospective, Four Tet makes a beat in ten minutes, download free tracks from Jesse Rose and take a look back at the heyday of Studio 54.

Brandy and Coke: a UK garage retrospective. Dazed & Confused team up with Ewen Spencer to take a look back at the UK garage scene, from the music to the fashion to its violent demise.

An epic slice of dance history! <3 A newly unearthed recording of a segment on disco music and Studio 54 which aired on CBS’s 60 Minutes back in April 1978.

Small firms are making big bucks in the analogue economy. Forbes magazine reports on the companies profiting from the resurgence of interest in analogue gear – from MacBeth through to Dave Smith Instruments all the way up to Korg. An interesting read with the exception of one rather dubious statement about EDM.

Wave Alchemy do guitars. Wave Alchemy are one of our favourite sample companies because they stick to what they know best. When they announced Modern Guitar Tools we were worried they’d turned all folk rock on us, but it turns out to be a very dance-music-friendly collection of “funky disco loops, distorted French-house licks, creatively layered ensembles, wah-wah runs, palm-muted guitar…”. Great stuff. On sale now for £27.95.

As Human As Possible. Ableton’s latest artist videos feature Swedish duo Minilogue. The first video is a simple walkthrough of their setup (watch it here) while the second is a short documentary (embedded above). A cool insight into the artists’ technical process and inspirations.

Jesse Rose gives away music. As a taster of what’s to come on his new album The Whole Twelve Inches, the Play It Down boss is giving away twelve tracks. Head over to his Facebook page to download The Free Twelve Inches.

Point Blank offer tips on recording and layering analogue synths. “Producer, engineer and plugin designer Yoad Nevo joins us to talk about mixing and layering analogue synths…” Serious knowledge dropped in this 44-minute video from Point Blank. Check it out above.

“Norwegian music sales up 11% in 2013 thanks to streaming.” A fascinating case study from Norway, where paid streaming services make up 65.3% of the total recorded music market. Digital (including both streaming and downloads) accounted for just 9.3% of total music sales in 2008. Last year it accounted for 77.6%.

Four Tet samples Thriller, makes a tracks in ten minutes. Kieran Hebden takes on the Beat This challenge, sampling a bunch of MJ tracks and creating a track against the clock.

Deep Dish to reunite? A new website suggests the house duo are set to work together again. When we interviewed Dubfire back in September he told us: “I’d love to re-ignite Deep Dish again because the way we left things was just bad; I’d like to preserve its legacy and see if there’s any creative fire left.”

17th January, 2014

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