Guitar manufacturers Gibson go bankrupt. Shure cease turntable accessory production. South Wales police warn of illegal raves.

Flat-pack funk. More details have been revealed about Ikea and Teenage Engineering’s ‘party in a box’. It will be available next June and includes a turntable, speakers and lighting equipment that ranges in price from $5 to $99. Find out more here.

Not so Shure. The renowned company has announced it will cease production of its phono products as rising costs mean they feel they can no longer sell them for a reasonable price. Statement here.

Guitar zero. Iconic guitar manufacturer Gibson has filed for bankruptcy in order to unburden itself of huge debts. They blame their consumer-electronics unit for much of the problems, as detailed here.

Gone but not forgotten. A new documentary, Lost In Vagueness, tells the story of Lost Vagueness, one of the more anarchic and bohemian mini-festival sites that set up at Glastonbury each year until 2007. The Guardian have more and you can watch the trailer above.

Caution! “Signs to look out for: posters or messages on social media advertising a rave…” In a news report discovered by RA, South Wales police have offered their advice on identifying illegal raves this summer. Read the whole thing here.

4th May, 2018

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