Celebrating the forgotten female voices of house music, Erica Synths’ new DIY synth voice, and SFX cancels plans to sell Beatport.

Was the first ever grime instrumental on a ’94 SNES game? SBTV tracks down the creator of a track from the boss level of the 1994 Super Nintendo game Wolverine: Adamantium Rage, chatting to its creator Dylan Beale about why the soundtrack sounds like a grime instrumental, a decade before the genre started to emerge in east London. Listen to the track above, and read the full interview here.

The Forgotten Female Voices of House Music. LuckyMe’s Eclair Fifi is on a mission to give the forgotten female voices who helped to define dance music the the credit they’re due by reissuing some lesser-known vocal house records, beginning with ‘Never Let Go’, an obscure Mickey Oliver track sung by Shanna Jae in 1988. Listen above and read more here.

SFX Cancels Plans To Sell Beatport. Live music and entertainment conglomerate SFX cancels an auction to sell music download site Beatport, having recovered from a financial crisis that ended in their declaring bankruptcy. Beatport has since stripped away the non-essential functions of the site to focus specifically on its role as a marketplace for digital audio files. Find out more here.

Erica Synths’ New DIY Synth Voice. Erica Synths has introduced a versatile new Eurorack synth voice module that’s 100% patchable to encourage experimentation. The DIY Synth Voice has a hybrid digital-analogue design, featuring 16 VCO waves with wave morphing, 9 LFO waves with wave morphing and frequency multiplication/division in sync mode, and much more. Check it out above, and find out more here.

Electro-Harmonix Introduces MINI-SYNTHESIZER App. A faithful recreation of their 1980s cult classic, Electro-Harmonix’s new app provides the intuitive, flexible and powerful control of their original MINI-SYNTHESIZER hardware unit’s 12 sliders and 9 switches, and accurate reproduction of its sound with modern updates. Watch it in action above.

Novation’s Popular Remix Competition Returns. Novation are hosting a Launchpad for iOS remix competition, beginning July 26th. Remix an exclusive free analogue pack comprising of bespoke synthesisers, pedals and external effects, using your iPhone or iPad for a chance to win a Launch Control XL or iTunes vouchers. Watch the promo video above, click here for full details and an application form.

29th July, 2016

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