WTF. Louis Vuitton’s menswear director Virgil Abloh has named pal Benji B as the company’s first musical director.

WTF. An unprecedented court order has ruled that five members of London drill group 1011 must obtain authorisation from Scotland Yard before writing and performing tracks that are deemed to “encourage violence”. Find out more here.

WTF. West End nightclub Drama has being accused of charging black women twice the door fee of white women. The Guardian investigate.

WTF. Behringer are threatening a Chinese music tech blog, Dave Smith Instruments and 20 forum users with criminal proceedings after they were critical of Behringer products at Superbooth. More here. Behringer have also defended themselves against accusations of reverse engineering, here.

WTF. A kiddie rave with proper DJs playing? That’s what Fabric have planned with Terry Francis and Jacob Husley headlining a Big Fish Little Fish event on September 30th. Tickets here.

FTW. The New York Times document the welcome fact that women are finally gaining more and more visibility in dance music, here.

22nd June, 2018

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