Robotic Techno. OP-Z ready to ship and how streaming is transforming the future of music. 

The wait is over. In a post on their social media, Teenage Engineering has announced that they will finally be shipping the OP-Z. They have not mentioned pricing but it’s listed at $599 on Sweetwater. To remind you, the compact synth offers a 16-track sequencer that enables live composition of audio, visuals and lights at the same time. Full announcement on their website.

Techno robots. Moritz Simon Geist has created a techno album out of robotic instruments. The robots, composed of dated technology, recovered parts and 3-D printed materials were used to produce his debut album ‘Robotic Electronic Music’. It makes for intriguing viewing which you can do below:

New Rene sequencer on the scene. Make Noise have announced that a new version of their Rene sequencer will be released. The updated model will feature three gate outputs as well as three CV outputs alongside improved sequencing capabilities. Read more here.

Streaming changes the music industry. Labels, artists, songwriters and others in the music sector are all feeling the impacts of their income due to streaming. However, very few have changed their approach of how to deal with the demands of a reinvented industry. Read about how streaming is changing the future of the music business here.

SynthFest 2018. The upcoming exhibition has just released its seminar programme. Topics will include the history of electronic instruments from the 1920s, talks from synthesis expert Marin Russ and other pioneers in the industry and a VIP Roundtable Discussion with panel guests Richard Barbieri (ex Japan and Porcupine Tree), Katia Isakoff (Altersonic, Women Produce Music), Elizabeth Bernholz of Gazelle Twin and 1960s synth musician David Vorhaus of White Noise fame. Early bird tickets are available till September 24.

Cha-cha-cha-raaaanngo. The newest addition to the LABS series by Spitfire Audio has arrived. This particular Charango, an Andean instrument similar to a guitar, was recorded in 2006 by Christian Henson on a KM184 mic in his flat. The download is free and can be found here.

Take two. Analogue Solutions made waves at SuperBooth this year with their next-generation Generator step sequencer. The initial batch sold out but the company has just announced the availability of the second batch. The instrument is a very versatile, multi-channel analogue appliance which is user-friendly and intuitive. The Generator is priced at £629 and available here.

Can you hear the sale? You have just three days left to make the most of the Sonarworks sale. Up to 20% off all their software. The Autumn sale runs until midnight September 24th.

21st September, 2018

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