New DJ-friendly sampler from Pioneer. Study shows that musicians are more likely to suffer from depression. Free Roland synth patches from Legowelt.

New Pioneer sampler. The DJS-100 is a new product that, once integrated in your setup, aims to bring sampling and remixing to the DJ booth. Watch an intro video above.

Dark side of the tunes. A University of Westminster study claims that musicians are three times more likely to experience depression. Read it here.

Synth scandal. A Portland-based modular synth manufacturer is in hot water over poor taste Harvey Weinstein jokes and refuses to apologise. Read a Reddit thread on the matter here.

Free stuff! The irrepressible Legowelt has programmed 64 fresh new patches for the Roland D-50 or new Boutique D-05, all for free. You can grab them here.

20th October, 2017

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