How reviews fuck with an artist’s mental health. Searching for the voice of god with Moogs. Fake police in Pacha.

Fun patrol. It’s alleged that two men impersonating police offers walked into Pacha Ibiza to stop the music, then started dancing. Turns out Pacha made the costumes for them. Read statements on the matter here.

Rate or slate. An anonymous artist goes on the record to talk about the huge effect negative reviews have on the people behind the music, and discusses the role of the critic for Dazed Digital.

Bach to the future. The ten-person-strong Moog Ensemble are reinterpreting the music of Bach on masses of synths and, like the celebrated composer, are searching for the voice of god in the results. Read more here.

Safe and sound. Festival Safe is a new initiative offering advice for any and all festival goers, from what tent to buy to facts on drink and drugs, advice on looking after friends and much more. Check it out here.

Rave strong. Armed police in Tbilisi have raided two of the city’s most vital clubs and arrested some of the owners in an apparent crackdown on social liberties disguised as a reaction to local drug-related deaths. Locals assembled for a protest rave soon after. Read more here.

Your Tube. Next week, YouTube roll out YouTube Music, a new service designed to allow you to personalise your musical world more than ever. It’s a streaming platform for songs, albums, playlists, artist radio and live performances. Read more here.

18th May, 2018

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