Radar Radio accused of tokenism and cultural appropriation. HD vinyl on the way. Plus free cake. Kind of.

Radio ga-ga. Pxssy Palace have left their regular Radar Radio slot after accusing the London station of tokenism and cultural appropriation. Read their statement here.

Disco doesn’t suck. The BBC point out the obvious in an article that examines the social and cultural importance of disco, here.

Hi-fi-vi. An Austrian start-up claims to have found a way of manufacturing high definition vinyl that sounds better and plays longer than the current norm. It might land next year after a $4.8m investment. Pitchfork have more.

New hardware? A filter-delay effect with the Ninja Tune logo has been spotted in Berlin. It features a multi-mode VCF with controls for drive and input levels and a delay circuit that supports various types of delay. Gearpornberlin have the scoop.

Free cake! The iconic DAW formerly known as Cakewalk Sonar has relaunched as Cakewalk by Bandlab and is now free to download for Windows for anyone who wants it. Full info here.

Book launch. Patch & Tweak is a new book that explores modular synthesis and is designed to inspire experienced and newbies alike. It needs funding to get going and you can read more here.

13th April, 2018

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