Should we cut down on pressing vinyl to help save the environment? Will artificial intelligence write all music in the future? Will Behringer ever come up with an original synth?

Vinyl countdown? Chicago musician Benn Jordan has announced he will no longer release physical records as a result of their environmental impact. Read his thoughts here.

Computer music. Will artificial intelligence write all music in the future? The Guardian investigates with AI Music, who are forging links between new tech companies and the music industry. Read it here.

Compact and bijoux. Roland’s Boutique line is getting two new additions in the form of miniature remakes of the classic TR-808 drum machine and SH-101 monosynth. Both will sell for $349 and utilise digital circuits to recreate the analogue originals. Watch Mathew Jonson talk about them in the video above.

I spy. The SH-101 is also being controversially cloned by Behringer, who tease their version in the Facebook post above.

Space oddity. Jeff Mills and visual artist Guillaume Martin are working on a new project, Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. As such, the pair talked about the process of collaboration at AVA Festival recently, and you can watch the interview back in full above.

11th August, 2017

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