Initially, a free giveaway, Rings of Saturn is now upgraded and costs $20.

Morbid Electronics, are a new audio development based in Brooklyn, New York. They aim to “leverage modern design and technology capabilities”. The team behind it includes Moye, Jayjay, and Kevin.

Rings of Saturn is their first commercially available plugin. It has a three-voice ring modulation plugin environment. 

In addition to its three modulation rings, its three moons offer a range of secondary capabilities such as stereo spread, chorus, tremolo, distortion, and downsampling. It’s billed as a “Swiss army knife for all things ring modulation”.

What is ring modulation?

Ring modulation is a technique used in audio signal processing and synthesis. It is a form of amplitude modulation where two audio signals are multiplied together to create a new output signal. The resulting output contains frequencies that are the sum and difference of the frequencies present in the input signals.

The ring modulation effect can be unique and dissonant, producing metallic and bell-like tones. It is commonly used in audio synthesis to create complex and unusual sounds in electronic music and sound design. Ring modulation can also be applied to other types of signals, not just audio, to achieve similar modulation effects.

rings of saturn

You can hear demos on the Morbid Electronics SoundCloud:

Rings of Saturn is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems.

It’s available in all DAWS besides Pro Tools and comes in VST, VST3, and AU Formats (64-bit only).

iLok required (no physical USB necessary).

Find out more about Rings of Saturn.

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Author Eric Brünjes
4th August, 2023

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