The MOD Duo X features over 400 plug-ins, MAX/MSP-effect compatibility, desktop software for modular-style patching, eight assignable knobs and more.

The MOD Duo X is an all-in-one audio processing effects hub. The virtually patchable standalone unit sports a number of controls, including eight new assignable potentiometer knobs, four freely-assignable push buttons, and two instant ‘snapshot’ push buttons. The Duo X also comes with control voltage input and output, as well as new software features such as MIDI Slave Sync (compatible with Ableton Link) and Stereo Link. 

MOD Devices MOD Duo X

At its heart is the Hexa-core 64 bit ARM CPU processor, which has prompted MOD Devices to call the Duo X “the most powerful multi-effects tool in the world”.

MOD Devices’ regularly updated plug-in library has surpassed the 400 mark and the Duo X provides complete access. Custom MAX/MSP effects can also be loaded into the device and the desktop software features a Native Instruments Reaktor Blocks-esque modular layout where the user can make and save custom patches. Featuring instant recall capabilities, the Duo X is geared towards hands-on use such as studio work, electronic music production, performance and DJing. 

“The MOD Duo X presents itself as the perfect audio processing hub a musician could want”, says Gianfranco Ceccolini, MOD Chief Executive Officer and Founder. “With its ability to connect to any musical equipment and its boundless internal patching capabilities, the Duo X fills a long-existing gap in the modern musicians’ rig. The powerful Hexa-core CPU and our ever-growing plugin universe result in a system that enables musicians to obtain practically any desired sound all with a highly durable build and pleasurable design experience.” 

MOD Devices’ started in 2013 when founder Gianfranco Ceccolini launched his first product at the Expomusic SP in São Paolo, Brazil. The success of that product led to a Kickstarter campaign for the original MOD Duo in 2014, which ended up reaching 127% of its goal. Since then, the company has moved its office to Berlin and continued its community-funded model. Their latest product, the MOD Dwarf, reached its funding campaign goal within 24 hours.

MOD Devices MOD Duo X
The original MOD Duo.

The MOD Duo X audio processor is made in Germany, weighs 1.3kg and the company has set a recommended price of €749/$749 with MOD Devices’ Reverb and Webshop included.

Head to Mod Devices for more information. 

Author Aykan Esen
23rd August, 2020

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