This week’s top mixes include Four Tet and Anthony Naples at The Lot, Ivan Zoloto’s authentic Russian folk and Ciel’s agile acid and electro.

Four Tet & Anthony Naples at The Lot. Four Tet and Anthony Naples go back to back for a charming two-hour session of jazz, soul, new age and chilled dance music selections, featuring a track from James Holden‘s new LP and Burial‘s new single release. Watch in full above, records are shown throughout.

Joe Playing Truant. One of the UK’s most creative underground dance music talents, who’s known for his occasional but quality cuts via Hemlock Recordings and Hessle Audio, follows up on his most recent EP on Hessle with a “genre-hopping, rip-roaring medley of a mix” in the latest Truancy Volume. Stream above, download and and interview with the artist here.

Ciel’s Agile Acid and Electro. Toronto-based DJ and promoter Cindy Li, aka Ciel, is known for her attempts to make the dancefloor a more welcoming place, which include a document of women DJs to urge promoters to create more bills with gender parity, and her night Work In Progress (WIP), which showcases women, gender-nonconforming, and queer artists. Stream her agile acid and electro mix above, interview and track listing here.

Hymns’s High Energy Electro Bangers. Australian DJ and producer Hymns, who’s released on Salt Mines, LKR Records, Momentary Records and others, hosts an hour-long mix of high-energy electro bangers. “This mix started by jamming together tracks from my ‘electro i just bought’ playlist, and ended as an ode to some major production influences,” he explains. Stream above.

Khotin’s Soviet Session. Vancouver-born euphoric house producer and DJ Khotin, of 1080p, Heart To Heart and Normals Welcome imprints, plays an hour of his favourite Soviet records on Pacific Spirit on No Fun Radio: “Some USSR approved music for sport, Czech pop, Latvian funk, the Russian Madonna goes Italo.” Stream and download above.

Ivan Zoloto’s Authentic Russian Folk. For the latest BUTW, musician and label head Ivan Zoloto puts together a compilation of authentic Russian folk music rooted in Christianity or paganism, citing Soviet erasure of local cultures and an ideologically-driven reinvention of folk music via conservatories as the reason for there being no decent compilations previously. Download and stream here.

6th November, 2017

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