This week’s top mixes include Eclair Fifi’s ‘2 Snowdrops That Beat as 1’ mixtapeKablam’s chaos-unleashing club mix and Terranova’s new Pogosession.

Eclair Fifi’s ‘2 Snowdrops That Beat as 1’ Mixtape. On internationalist imprint Cómeme‘s radio show, LuckyMe and RinseFM DJ Eclair Fifi drops a new house mixtape, and explains that she “recorded this mix on the first sunny day of the year. Everyone I passed on the way to the studio smiled at me from sheer happiness from the sunshine…” Stream above, track listing here.

Kablam’s Chaos-Unleashing Club Mix. Sweden-born experimental club artist of the highly influential party, record label and Berlin-based collective Janus, Kajsa Blom, AKA Kablam, joins RA for a moody and chaos-unleashing mix that demands attention. Stream above, track listing and an interview with the artist here.

Heartthrob’s New Techno Material. On NY club The Bunker‘s latest podcast, a live set of new techno material from Jesse Siminski, who’s released music under the guise Heartthrob for nearly a decade on his own outlet, ISNISNT, as well as top electronic labels such as Minus, Mute, Ghostly and Hot Creations. Stream above.

Jeremy Underground Live at Brilliant Corners. A video recording of Parisian deep house DJ Jeremy Underground‘s live performance at London venue and restaurant Brilliant Corners, featuring the artist “digging deep into his treasure trove of jazz, folk and soul”. Watch the full performance, and find its track listing here.

Terranova’s New Pogosession. Celebrating the release of ‘Speicher 94’, which is out on Kompakt and sees Terranova and Reinhard Voigt remix each other’s tracks ‘Labrador’ and ‘Husky’, Terranova puts together his annual Pogosession mix, featuring ‘Speicher 94’, unreleased Terranova dubs and tracks from DJ Hell, Pezzner, Flashmob and Aaaron. Stream above.

Jacques Greene’s Dazed Mix. House, bass and ballroom music from Canadian producer/DJ Jacques Greene, to celebrate the release of his euphoric debut album Feel Infinite. The musician goes in with ambient tracks, b-sides that didn’t made the album cut, and an “accidental ballroom beat” from Michael Mann’s film Heat. Stream above, an interview with the artist here.

Mosca’s Electronic Explorations. UK techno producer Mosca steps up in this “off kilter” and “slightly freaky” edition of Electronic Explorations, drawing from free jazz, “pitch black FWD @ Plastic People type sounds, polyrhythmic Nonplace type stuff, bleepy ghetto techno, no wave, bashment” and also some exclusive new remixes from himself. Stream above, download and track listing here.

27th March, 2017

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