This week’s top mixes include Hieroglyphic Being Healing With Sound, Kirk Degiorgio’s State Of The A.R.T. Hour, Ch00n!! Blowing Up The Workshop and Peder Mannerfelt’s NTS session.

Hieroglyphic Being Healing With Sound. Following up on his recently released solo album The Discos of Imhotep, Chicago’s Jamal Moss, aka Hieroglyphic Being, celebrates unconventional mixing and “Sound Healing” in the latest THUMP mix. Stream above, download and an interview with the artist here.

Peder Mannerfelt’s NTS Session. Controlling bodies since 1982, Stockholm’s Subliminal Kid Peder Mannerfelt plays a special hour-long session of forthcoming and unreleased music, featuring rowdy and dancefloor-ready techno and electro tracks from himself, Rotterdam Termination Source, MMM, Parris, Floorplan and more. Stream above, track listing here.

Kirk Degiorgio’s State Of The A.R.T. Hour. Founder of the A.R.T. imprint, Kirk Degiorgio highlights the very latest developments in Detroit-style techno with an elegantly mixed and futuristic hour-long session for Italy’s Soundwall Magazine. Stream above, track listing here.

Ch00n!! Blowing Up The Workshop. The latest Blowing Up The Workshop presents Ch00n, a monthly covering world pop music from the sublime to the ridiculous, with this mix selecting from “the Middle East, the Middle of the East & Just East of the Middle”. Stream above, download here, and track listing here

Scuba Radio Episode 5. An hour of the finest in house and techno from Hotflush Records founder Scuba, with music from Recondite’s Plangent Records, Delta Funktionen, Hieroglyphic Being and unreleased cuts from Matrixxman and Joy Orbison amongst plenty more. Stream above, track listing here, download here.

15th August, 2016

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