This week’s top mixes include dark techno with Shanti Celeste, Daedelus’s Party at Ground Zero and Bitchcraft by Odete.

Bitchcraft by Odete. One of Portugal’s most exciting new DJs, Odete is “known for mixing YouTube recordings of plane crashes with R&B and noise”. Via Lisbon’s haven for underground artists and activists, Rádio Quântica, Odete mixes cutting edge rhythms from Lotic, DJ Nervoso, Chants, DJ Lycox, Strahinja Arbutina and more. Stream above.

Dark Techno with Shanti Celeste. Shanti Celeste is a resident on NTS and releases house, electro and techno on premier labels including Dekmantel, Idle Hands, Brstl and her own Peach Discs. Her new Dekmantel podcast expertly blends new and forthcoming music from Strategy, Peverelist, Bass Cleff and others. Stream above.

Daedelus’s Party at Ground Zero. The 250th Needle Exchange from Self Titled magazine comes from LA electronic producer Daedelus, who describes the mix: “It’s a Party at Ground Zero so to speak. I don’t think dance music needs be ignorant to politics, identity, or even just life outside the party. This mix is causal and impassioned plea; tune in, activate, let’s go!” Stream above, an interview with the artist here.

Pearson Sound’s Underground UK Garage. Via The NYC Downlow, a recording of the Hessle Audio imprint co-founder, futuristic club rhythm producer and DJ Pearson Sound playing a set of bubbly and extremely energetic UK garage on his birthday, in a favourite moment from last years London Underground, Glastonbury. Stream here.

Dwayne Parris’s Freestyle. Producer, DJ and Soundman Chronicles boss Dwayne Parris features in the latest RA mix. Recorded at RinseFM‘s studios, it’s a snapshot of the fascinating experimental rhythmic flexes he’s currently engaged by, “from club use to home listening”. Stream above.

11th June, 2018

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