Make Noise have announced the 0-CTRL Desktop Sequencer, an eight-step Eurorack-standard tabletop sequencer for modular and patchable synthesizers equipped with pressure pads.

The Make Noise 0-CTRL is a patchable and clockable controller and step sequencer for voltage-controlled synthesizers and modular systems. It is fully analogue and patch programmable, offering per step control of pitch, strength, and time of the target synthesizer voice. There is also voltage control over stop and direction of the sequencer, as well as reset control options. Pressure pads allow for users to control the sequencer’s parameters in real-time.

0-CTRL desktop sequencer

The 0-CTRL also has dynamic envelope and gate outputs for affecting the strength of each note as well as gate output per step for patch programming sequence behaviour. Additionally, a function called Sequencer Interrupt will let you do just that should you want to play your instrument while the sequencer is running.

Make Noise hope that users will embrace it for its expressiveness. “The Dynamic Gate and Dynamic Envelope outputs can take your sequence from feeling stiff and robotic to feeling like something more that was played and created by a person,” said the company’s Tony Rolando on the occasion of the release. “That’s always a beautiful thing.”

There’s also a Time row that allows users to introduce what the company calls the “slop” of how people play. “Sometimes that slop is the magic, and is what gets the groove going”, Rolando added.

The 0-CTRL can be synced via clock in, or control other gear with clock and gate out ports.

The North Carolina-based company have designed the new sequencer to pair with its 0-Coast desktop synth, although it should work with any Eurorack-compatible, patchable instrument or modular setup.

The 0-CTRL is expected to be available within the next few weeks and is expected to retail for $399.

8th May, 2020

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