Another vintage classic to be reissued by Korg, following in the footsteps of the MS-20 Mini.

ARP Odyssey mk1 (Photo: eBay via MatrixSynth)

ARP Odyssey mk1 (Photo: Matrixsynth)

Korg has announced plans to reissue the classic ARP Odyssey analogue synth. The Odyssey was ARP’s answer to the Minimoog, released in 1972 and sold in various incarnations until 1981 (different iterations of the Odyssey featured different filter designs, one of which was rumoured to be a little too close to Moog’s patented ladder filter for comfort). It’s now difficult to find one on the second-hand market for less than £1,500.

Today’s press release from Korg states: “KORG INC. is proud to announce that a faithful recreation of the legendary 1970s analog synthesiser, the ARP Odyssey, is being developed by Korg for release later in 2014.”

Korg has signed a deal with ARP co-founder and Odyssey designer David Friend to redevelop ARP‘s original design. It’s unclear exactly what the spec of the new Odyssey will be (and which specific Odyssey version it’ll be based on), but given that the reissued MS-20 Mini has an RRP of £599 (and a street price typically around £500), it seems likely that Korg will try to aim for a roughly similar price point with the Odyssey, and we’d also expect it to feature MIDI connectivity like the MS-20. Mini keys are a distinct possibility. Odyssey Mini? Possibly…

The new ARP Odyssey will go on sale in September 2014.

17th February, 2014


  • this excites me quite a bit! i love that thing!

  • I’m the cynic when it comes to recreations. I wish Korg made an original size the first time with the MS-20, with the best materials available. Moog does this, holding a Moog and looking at it’s wonderfully lit knobs and buttons inspire me to make music. I’d be excited for the Arp, but as you said it’ll have a low price point, meaning low quality. Roland won’t leave the digital domain and Korg makes toys instead of instruments. Although the Aria voice module looks interesting and the TB3 might be good too. I have goldbaby samples for 808 and 909 sounds.

  • Well done Korg, giving all producers a chance to own an affordable, and fun piece of analog. I’ll be getting one.

  • At least you can trust Korg to charge a reasonable amount for their synths unlike some manufacturers who charge a fortune just because of the name. Kudos to Korg for being the first manufacturer to make vintage analogue affordable to the masses and inspiring a new breed of young musicians.

  • Nice one and it looks like it added many things in this one

  • Let us hope that mini keys are not on the table….. that would be a real shame….

  • Wow!

    But please Korg a decent drum machine too!

  • More please.

  • I have the MS-20 Mini and it is AMAZING. I have synths by Moog, DSI, and eurorack modular stuff and I think the MS-20 MINI mught be the best sounding synth I have. Cannot wait for the Odyssey. Instabuy.

  • low price point does not mean low quality. I think we have an elitist among us ..hmmmm Rob

  • Tim Wrote:
    “low price point does not mean low quality. I think we have an elitist among us ..hmmmm Rob”

    Actually, low price often DOES mean low quality. If it’s a mini version you can bet on modern Surface Mount Tech, so good luck getting int repaired WHEN it breaks. If it’s cheap it’s because it’s cheap to build, not out of the goodness of their hearts. And certainly not cheap enough that you can “just buy another” every time they die. Yes, Moog has a name they can charge for, but they also use good parts and follow good manufacturing practices. ARP also has a big name, so if they’re selling something cheap you can expect cut corners, but that goes for ANY company.

  • Hey guy,
    you put a picture of modified “semi-modular”arp odyssey! 😉

  • I can solder surface mount. It’s not an issue. I like the fact that modern circuit technology has allowed us to miniaturize electrical circuits in such a way that we can make small, affordable, wonderful sounding analog synths. Korg is definitely doing it right. I own, and have modded the Volcas, and I used to play an odyssey that was in a practice room in college. I loved the sound, and would like to add a less cumbersome clone to my current rig.

  • I totally agree I have a MS20 mini and it’s the most messed up lil dog of a synth I love it!!!! The mini keys are irritating but if that the small price I have to pay to be able to own one then thats OK with me. If the Odyssey is as good and priced about the same then I’ll have one even with surfaced mount tech and small keys!!!

  • Sob story coming up: Some years ago, within two weeks, the filter on both of my white top Odysseys went down. I took both synths to my storage place, but while I was searching for a way to fix/replace the potted filter circuits (ARP of course had been long out of business) – both synths were stolen. Oh well.

    If the new Korg unit sounds anything like the original white top – which (IMHO) was by far the best version of the Odyssey – I’m getting one. One of the most usably expressive synths ever made .


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