Another vintage classic to be reissued by Korg, following in the footsteps of the MS-20 Mini.

ARP Odyssey mk1 (Photo: eBay via MatrixSynth)

ARP Odyssey mk1 (Photo: Matrixsynth)

Korg has announced plans to reissue the classic ARP Odyssey analogue synth. The Odyssey was ARP’s answer to the Minimoog, released in 1972 and sold in various incarnations until 1981 (different iterations of the Odyssey featured different filter designs, one of which was rumoured to be a little too close to Moog’s patented ladder filter for comfort). It’s now difficult to find one on the second-hand market for less than £1,500.

Today’s press release from Korg states: “KORG INC. is proud to announce that a faithful recreation of the legendary 1970s analog synthesiser, the ARP Odyssey, is being developed by Korg for release later in 2014.”

Korg has signed a deal with ARP co-founder and Odyssey designer David Friend to redevelop ARP‘s original design. It’s unclear exactly what the spec of the new Odyssey will be (and which specific Odyssey version it’ll be based on), but given that the reissued MS-20 Mini has an RRP of £599 (and a street price typically around £500), it seems likely that Korg will try to aim for a roughly similar price point with the Odyssey, and we’d also expect it to feature MIDI connectivity like the MS-20. Mini keys are a distinct possibility. Odyssey Mini? Possibly…

The new ARP Odyssey will go on sale in September 2014.

17th February, 2014

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