As the Ibiza season draws to a close, the island’s key movers and shakers gathered at Pacha for the Ibiza DJ Awards ceremony. Well, almost everyone.

Darius ‘Nostradamus’ Syrossian

It seems like not a week can go by without another award ceremony to stir up a bit of debate. This week it was Ibiza’s turn to get in on the act with the 15th annual Ibiza DJ Awards on Wednesday night. And the industry bash wasn’t without controversy.

Well known for his no-holds-barred opinions on Facebook, Viva Music mainstay Darius Syrossian took to the social network on the eve of the ceremony to question the merit of DJ awards and polls in general. Showing uncanny prescience, he went on to predict a winner and even to suggest that the prize giving was rigged, serving as a form of political backscratching: “i aint gonna go and stand alongside loads of other djs and watch a staged award ceremony that is basically gonna award SOLOMUN the title because they want to entice him over to PACHA next year for a weekly residency, (i bet im proved right on this by the way)” (sic).

Unfortunately we don’t think William Hill were offering any odds on this year’s winners, otherwise Darius (and his Facebook fans) would have made a pretty penny as Solomun went on to pick up the Best Producer gong on the night.

Rigged or not, Syrossian’s comments echo the views of a large proportion of dance music fans. It’s a debate which will surely resurface in three weeks’ time when the results of a certain magazine’s annual poll are revealed. There’s no doubt which side Darius will be on. As he states in his self-confessed controversial rant: “i really dont care for any of that crap, the main thing for me is REAL support and recognition, like the fact that right now as i write this i have three tracks in beatport top 100, top 10 in tech house, and also tracks in deep house and house charts” (sic). Music fans buying music as recognition? Now there’s a novel idea.

Check the full list of Ibiza DJ Awards winners here.

28th September, 2012


  • no pr crap!! darius is the man!

  • He has a point it must be said but Darius is one of the most nauseating self promoters in the game, never one to hold back from telling exactly where he is or how nice the pool looks.

  • Do it yourself or get some other lacky to do it?

  • i love Darius, its refreshing to see somebody be so open and not scared to say what he thinks, too many ass kissers in the game

  • I must say i have to agree with Darius Syrossian here.

    I actually met Darius on the Dance floor at a Solomun neon nights party in Sankeys ibiza this summer, he was having a great time with everyone on the floor, his rant aimed at Pacha i agree with totally.
    also i do follow him on facebook and Bossa, when you meet him in person you get where he is coming from, he is totally the opposite to how most DJ’s are.
    you cant judge someone from facebook posts, he is actually one of the most down to earth humble guys i have ever met.

  • Awesome stuff, i love Darius for this. he has a massive point. i read the full post he did on his facebook, the award he talks about was not a public vote but a panel of Judges, and they were the Pacha promoters.

    You tell em Darius

    & Madden i also met Darius at a gig in Birmingham, i agree one of the most down to earth guys i have ever met, was chatting with everyone who wanted to talk with a big smile.


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