Following a post on Adonis Smith’s personal Facebook claiming he has not been paid “one penny” by Trax Records in 34 years, DJ Steve Morgan has set up a campaign to pay him back the ‘stolen’ royalties. 

A fundraiser to cover missing royalties for pioneering Chicago House producer Adonis Smith has been organised by DJ Steve Morgan via Just Giving. Adonis posted on Facebook in April this year, saying: “Do not buy or support Trax Records! Because this label has not paid me one penny in 34 years. Trax Records do not own any rights to my music. Please share this post everywhere. Also tell all distributors to… not sell this record or any other of my songs from this horrible label. Enough is enough”.

In the comments section of the initial post, Adonis alleges that the label released his seminal house track ‘No Way Back’ under the artist name M Smith. “It’s an illegal shell game they’re playing with fake paperwork,” Adonis writes in another comment. “Artists like myself are getting nothing but an endless defilement”.

This is not the first time the label has come under attack. As well as complaints about poor quality pressings, many other artists have alleged that the label has stolen their music. DJ Pierre of Phuture, whose ‘Acid Tracks’ was released on Trax, has claimed that “Trax never paid me royalties”. Jamie Principle has previously alleged that Trax “literally just stole my stuff” without even being signed to the label. 


DJ Steve Morgan was prompted to launch the campaign “after seeing so many artists ripped off by the Trax Record label, especially [his] favourite house tune of all time, which Adonis has not received one cent for!!”

Launching the fundraiser, he called for “all Ravers” to donate at least £1. “Let’s help a musician in these hard times, and also give thanks for such a timeless work of art!!” Since it was set up last week, the fundraiser has raised over £10,000 to reimburse Adonis. 

Support the fundraiser on Just Giving.

Listen to Adonis’ “No Way Back” via Bandcamp.

11th June, 2020

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