Modulate is a new initiative by a group of mental health professionals that aims to use donated production and DJ equipment as therapy for patients of the local mental health service.

If you wish to support mental health services and electronic music in the UK you could consider donating to Modulate. Founded recently by a group of mental health professionals (and electronic music producers) in Brighton the team is looking for producers/ DJs to consider donating gear that might no longer be in use. The gear can be in any condition and will be repurposed for use in class. If for whatever reason it can not be used, the proceeds from its sale will go towards new equipment.

“Our vision is to use the most accessible, expressive and intuitive hardware we can find to foster group flow and provide the most rewarding experience.”

It’s a great concept and the team runs jam sessions, tutorial and music therapy groups using synchronised electronic hardware. The aim of this not-for-profit group is to help people integrate, rehabilitate after a mental health crisis and learn the wide ranging benefits of electronic music production and DJing.

Music has long been studied for its therapeutic qualities and is regularly cited as a reason for improved self esteem, decision making and team leadership. Closer to home, the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) has published reports on mental health in our industry and the efforts that are being taken, including Modulate, to help people suffering.

If you wish to support this interesting initiative you can get in touch directly on their website. Any gear, large or small, is appreciated so if you have an old drum machine gathering dust, a synth in need of a new home or a some Eurorack you’ll looking to offload for that new purchase, perhaps consider donating before filling’s coffers first…!

For more information visit Modulate here.

If you would like to talk to a professional regarding your mental health you can use this search function to find services in your local area (UK only).

15th October, 2019

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