Engine OS v1.5 also introduces the Quick Source Menu, making it easier to mix between various sources including all Engine DJ-compatible streaming services. 

Engine DJ Soundcloud Beatport

Engine DJ, Denon DJ’s subsidiary developer of cross-platform DJ software, has announced the availability of Engine OS v1.5. DJs using Denon DJ hardware will now have access to SoundCloud Go+ and Beatport Link streaming services directly from the hardware, in addition to the previously available TIDAL.

Competing with Pioneer DJ is no easy feat but Denon DJ has consistently updated its products while keeping their price point at a significantly lower level. The last update in May brought features like a Sync Manager, Track Preview and Metadata Batch Edits to the Engine Prime Library Manager, addressing library management shortcomings. Denon also released two new media players, the SC6000 and SC6000M, in early January.

The US-based company has now firmly shifted its attention on to streaming services, with the addition of Soundcloud and Beatport libraries to its acclaimed standalone DJ software. Engine OS v1.5’s new Quick Source Menu is likely a testament to this emphasis on streaming. This feature will allow users to enable any subscribed streaming service, connect multiple media devices and mix music between the different sources within a single session. 

Engine OS v1.5 also includes a new BPM Detection algorithm promising “fast and highly accurate results.” Engine OS enabled devices remain the only standalone DJ hardware on the market that offer on-board file analysis. 

Speaking about the update, Engine DJ Product Marketing Manager Jason Stout said: “DJs have never had access to such a vast and diverse array of music on standalone DJ gear.” He added, “A DJ can literally show up to an event, connect and play virtually any track on the planet without any physical media or computer.”

More information about Engine OS v1.5 can be found at Denon DJ.

Author Aykan Esen
5th August, 2020

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