Dreadbox have announced the Typhon, a portable analogue synthesizer with digital effects from Sinevibes.

Greek synthesizer manufacturer Dreadbox have announced a new desktop analogue synthesizer. In keeping with the company’s Greek god-naming convention, this one is called Typhon, inspired by the son of Gaia, and father of monsters Cerberus, the Hydra, and the Chimera. That’s quite a family tree.

Dreadbox Typhon

The Typhon will mix analogue circuitry with digital effects. The synthesis section appears to be largely analogue, with its controls based to the left of the front panel. There are two ‘classic’ (in the words of the company) Dreadbox oscillators, a 4-pole lowpass filter, and multiple analogue VCAs. The sliders and encoders on the right control two envelope generators (for filter and amplitude), three modulators with four different modes (LFO, EG, random, and parameter step sequencer) and multiple active targets.

Dreadbox Typhon

The Typhon also features a digital effects unit designed by plugin company Sinevibes. The twelve stereo DSP effects include distortion, bit crusher, chorus, ensemble, flanger, delay, and reverb. There’s also an auxiliary in for using the synth as an effects unit for external devices.

The Typhon has memory to store 256 presets, as well as a 32-note sequencer. The sequencer can be used for more than just note triggering, according to the company. It can also handle modulation duties, as we can see in the video below, which demonstrates three presets in the synth.

As Dreadbox have demonstrated in their amusing promotional video below, the Typhon is portable, with power provided by USB. The company’s website also mentions that it will have ’60 playing hours with (a) 20,000mA portable power bank’ but it is unclear if this is included with the unit.

The Typhon is slated for a July 2020 release and will sell for €349, an intriguing price point for a Dreadbox instrument.

Author Adam Douglas
28th June, 2020

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