DJ Dris drops his next afro house single, ‘Origins,’ through Born Digital Music.

Born and raised in London, DJ Dris is best known for his electrifying sounds, which blend afro house, soulful house, and afro tech. Over recent years, he’s been building momentum as a producer with hard-hitting productions and a busy release schedule.

His latest release, ‘Origins’ continues the trend. Released on Born Digital Music last week, it features a heavily swung beat, moody synth lines, and mysterious choirs. After the main vocal takes control of the song, pulsating pads appear, suggesting a dark underbelly to the smooth sound design at the top frequencies.

DJ Dris has found inspiration through various genres throughout his musical journey, resulting in a bold and original sonic identity that shines through. Origins encapsulates a mix of afro genres (afro house, afro beats and deep tribal) with its sound design, rhythm, and lyrics.

With this latest release, DJ Dris again puts his individuality in the spotlight. With more releases in the pipeline, be sure to follow the producer to stay in the loop.

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14th May, 2024

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