Chicago house legend, Paul Johnson has died after contracting COVID-19 last month.

On a particularly sad day for dance music yesterday, following the loss of K-Hand, it was reported by the family of Paul Johnson that he had passed away aged 50 after contracting COVID-19.

A post on his Facebook page writes: “Our greatness passed away this morning at 9am the house music legend we all know as PJ aka PAUL JOHNSON has passed away in this day of AUGUST 4th 2021. Rest In Heaven Paul.”

Last month, the Dance Mania mainstay was uploading his battles with COVID-19 direct from the hospital to his Instagram feed.

Paul Johnson has released over 100 albums, EPs, and singles across a 30-year career. His releases have featured on legendary labels such as Dance Mania, Peacefrog and Djax-Up-Beats. Arguably his best-known release was his 1999 single ‘Get Get Down’ which soon became a household hit and transcended dance music culture. Back then and fast forward to the present, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who has not heard Get Get Down or any number of his huge piano-driven hits such as Music’s In Me.

Paul Johnson was involved in a shooting in 1987 which left him paralyzed from the waist down and having to use a wheelchair. In 2003 he had his left leg amputated after severe pains and in 2010 he lost his right leg after an accident.

One of the most well-respected Chicago house producers and DJs his music epitomized the swing, vocal cuts, percussion, groove, and of course piano that exemplifies the classic Chicago sound.

5th August, 2021

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