Pioneer DJ has announced a major new firmware update (ver. 3.00) for the CDJ3000 multi-player, which introduces StreamingDirectPlay from Beatport.

For subscribers to the Professional or Advanced plan (on Beatport), you can now enable features to allow browsing and playback from the full Beatport Streaming catalogue.

You can therefore mix Beatport Streaming tracks with those from rekordbox CloudDirectPlay.

How to use the new feature

  • Log in to your Beatport Streaming Professional or Advanced plan from a CDJ-3000 and you can
  • Browse the platform’s catalogue and play tracks on up to 4 CDJ-3000 units connected to the PRO DJ LINKNetwork.
  • Choose from the latest releases, browse different genres, and access playlists previously saved to your personal Beatport account.
  • When loading a track, the CDJ-3000 automatically analyzes its grid so you can easily
    understand its progression via the waveform display and use features such as Quantize and Beat Sync for accurate beat matching and mixing.
  • And if you’re using a mixer that supports Touch Preview in the PRO DJ LINK
    network, such as the DJM-A9, DJM-V10, or DJM-900NXS2, you can listen to Beatport Streaming tracks before even loading them to the CDJ-3000, making track selection much quicker and smoother.

Find out more about Beatport Streaming.

For more information about rekordbox and its specifications, visit

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27th June, 2023

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