Fresh off a debut EP on Taapion, BIIA is closing 2023 with a European tour.

Hailing from Portugal, BIIA’s techno blends energetic beats, peculiar sounds, and trippy elements.

Having just released her debut EP, ‘Letters From Hell’ in November on Taapion and is following it up with a European tour.

Portugal is a hotbed for techno. With renowned festivals like Neopop and Lisb-on, the country fuses traditional musical elements with modern sounds. And the scene reflects Portugal’s cultural diversity, attracting both local talent and global artists. If you like BIIA, you may also enjoy Lewis Fautzi, Re:Axis, Shcuro and Trikk to name a few.

BIIA’s music continues this rich heritage with hard-hitting and emotional techno, unafraid to push boundaries.

Catch BIIA lvive this month:

  • 09/12/23 : AFAS Live, VERKNIPT, Amsterdam 
  • 15/12/23 : KOMPLEX – Lisboa
  • 16/12/23 : Dark Waves – Ice Club, Portugal 
  • 22/12/23 : o2, Liverpool
  • 23/12/23 : NRG PRESENTS The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • 25/12/23 : Borderline Ferrum XXL Music Connection, Basel
  • 30/12/23 : Teatro Cervantes – Almeria, Spain
  • 31/12/23 : Verknipt, Eindhoven
  • 31/12/23 : Nacht Wacht Events, Luxor Live, Arnhem

Find BIIA on Instagram and Soundcloud. View full listings on RA.

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5th December, 2023

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