The most highly anticipated music software update of all-time? Quite possibly. Apple finally announces Logic Pro X, the latest update to its flagship DAW.

Logic-Pro-x-628x363Apple has redefined the way a tech company announces new products over the last decade. With typical understatement, the California company today quietly announced the long-awaited update to 2009’s Logic Pro 9 via a press release, immediately making the software available via the App Store (OK, maybe not quite immediately – there was an agonising 15-minute wait for some users as the App Store updated).

As widely expected, Logic X takes visual cues from GarageBand and Final Cut Pro X. A GUI overhaul always leads to the odd minor frustration as users try to find their way around, but hopefully it doesn’t cause the same issues as the last Final Cut update.

Elsewhere, the major new features include a new Melodyne-style Flex Pitch option, new Drummer and Drum Kit Designer features (aimed mainly at rock/pop songwriters rather than dance producers), integration with a new Logic Remote iPad app and, finally, scriptable MIDI effects including an arpeggiator. So, at least some of the boxes on our wish list are ticked.

Even at first glance, it’s obvious that many of the new features are aimed at users who want to record live instruments and adopt a traditional rock/pop-style workflow, but there should also be plenty of interest to dance producers.

Logic Pro X is available now from the App Store priced at £139.99 ($199.99) – note that there are no discounts for upgrades from previous versions.

Further details can be found at Apple’s website. Full review coming very soon.

16th July, 2013

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