The most highly anticipated music software update of all-time? Quite possibly. Apple finally announces Logic Pro X, the latest update to its flagship DAW.

Logic-Pro-x-628x363Apple has redefined the way a tech company announces new products over the last decade. With typical understatement, the California company today quietly announced the long-awaited update to 2009’s Logic Pro 9 via a press release, immediately making the software available via the App Store (OK, maybe not quite immediately – there was an agonising 15-minute wait for some users as the App Store updated).

As widely expected, Logic X takes visual cues from GarageBand and Final Cut Pro X. A GUI overhaul always leads to the odd minor frustration as users try to find their way around, but hopefully it doesn’t cause the same issues as the last Final Cut update.

Elsewhere, the major new features include a new Melodyne-style Flex Pitch option, new Drummer and Drum Kit Designer features (aimed mainly at rock/pop songwriters rather than dance producers), integration with a new Logic Remote iPad app and, finally, scriptable MIDI effects including an arpeggiator. So, at least some of the boxes on our wish list are ticked.

Even at first glance, it’s obvious that many of the new features are aimed at users who want to record live instruments and adopt a traditional rock/pop-style workflow, but there should also be plenty of interest to dance producers.

Logic Pro X is available now from the App Store priced at £139.99 ($199.99) – note that there are no discounts for upgrades from previous versions.

Further details can be found at Apple’s website. Full review coming very soon.

16th July, 2013


  • Disappointed that there isn’t a discount for loyal users of Logic Pro. It seems unfair to the people who’ve been using it for years. I even understand charging a bit, like 100 for an upgrade, but paying full price for an upgraded version of somethingI have seems absurd to me.

  • Sucks for anyone who has bought Logic within the last month or two. Literally have to pay full price again. Features seem pretty minimal as well considering how long it’s been since there was an update. I stopped using Logic awhile ago, don’t think any of this will have me coming back.

  • What all are the differences from Logic 9? Is there a comparison anywhere?

  • Fair point AJ but I cant say this is too surprising ! There wasnt even an ‘upgrade’ path from boxed logic to the app store hosted version…

    Looking forward to the full review ! Here’s hoping the new arp and midi utilities mean that users dont need to fart about in the mad world that is the logic ‘environment’ any more !

  • AJ/Gaffe – that’s a point we’ll certainly be discussing in the review. It’s part of Apple’s new pricing approach for all apps with the introduction of the App Store.

  • Report
  • I dont agree on the pricing discussion: 200 dollar (179 euro) is an amazing price!
    Would it ‘feel’ okay to you if they priced it at 400 dollar for a new user, and 200 dollar for an upgrade?
    I think people shouldnt feel bad that other users have to pay the same, its an amazing price after all.

    Same with people saying that you are screwed when you recently bought Logic 9, you bought it for the functionality it had at the point you bought it, not for a cheap/free upgrade.
    Its not like you are using dated software all of a sudden.

    Cheer up people! 🙂

    Myself, Im a Logic user who recently also started using Live. Im not sure which one I prefer, but I love being able to find my way around both.
    I think the price of Logic X is great, but I will await the first reviews to see if it is worth to switch already.

  • @Mick Benjamins

    Interesting thoughts and always good to hear an alternative voice in the debate but among most (audio) software companies, the pervading view is usually that if you’re an existing customer who has supported you and purchased a particular product in the past, when that product is upgraded you should get at least *some* kind of financial recognition for that.

    Part of the reason is customer loyalty – not that companies like Apple give a damn about this any more – and part of it has to be that although you’re getting a great product, you’ve already paid the price for a large % of it. In this instance, for example, the pitch correction looks interesting and 64-bit operation is important, but that really is about all that genuinely interests me. How is this worth $200?

    Of course I don’t *need* the upgrade. Fair point. Maybe I’ll give it a miss and invest elsewhere. But at some point – assuming you want to buy the latest third party plugins etc and often because of OS update – you are forced to upgrade. Which means it is not the matter of choice you indicate.

    In an age when so many people use cracks, punishing existing customers – some of which go back years – for loyal support seems short-sighted and bit shit IMO.

  • I don’t know… Logic used to 1k. $199 seems like a bargain for all those complaining about pricing. It’s literally opened the software up to a lot more people and that’s a good thing.

  • Shit, I just bought Logic X…
    Bye bye Logic Pro 9 Studio, haha

  • Man we really have it too good. I’m willing to be that most people here won’t scoff at dropping $199 on a single plugin- be it a new synth or effect. Considering all that goes into a full DAW update from either Logic or any of the others, $199 is quite a value. Sample packs alone can cost $49 each from SampleMagic- the included library has at least 4 sample packs worth. As a Live user, I recently upgraded to Live 9 but most of my work now begins on Garageband iOS on iPad and then moves to Garageband on my iMac… I’m strongly considering going with Logic as I love the fresh interface and going from iOS to Logic X will be an ideal workflow to start and mix songs for my project band.

  • Thank god, you are able to hide that horrible icon in the mixer:

    1. Open your mixer
    2. View >> Channel strip components >> Track icon
    3. Bingo!

  • I must admit I’m constantly astounded my some folks complaining’ about a lack of an ‘upgrade’ price. It’s $200/£139 !! Someone mentioned some plugins alone cost more. A new Logic Pro + 35 GB of additional content + Logic Remote. If you can find a better deal than that anywhere, I’ll stand corrected.

    Between LPX & FCP, these are professional products of the highest order. Combined less than 3 years ago they would have cost 4-5 times as much!

    No other company believed in digital distribution more than Apple. It’s released, we download. No manufacturing & distributing physical products equalled instant reflection in the price. No more disk installations, input of serial numbers, place on as many computers as you have.

    In short, the utopia is already here.

    Do u still feel ripped off?

  • Bought logic pro 9 in beginning of july, now this! I fell ripped off. Will resort to cracks in the future as many others.

  • Guys I’m a newbie and thinking about buying Logic Pro, but alot of it seems wayy over my head. I just wanted to mess around with, I love listening to music but interested in how to create my own. Opinions? PS Is there a website I can learn what a plug-in is, DAW, etc..thanks a bunch!

  • Rev – If you’re on a Mac anyway, I would get started with Garage Band. It’s bundled freely with Mac OS anyway, is a great starting DAW, has loads of useable bundled sounds and if you like it, the move to Logic (especially post X) is fairly intuitive. Have fun 🙂


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