Updates and new software announced as Ableton’s Loop summit draws to a close in Berlin.

Ableton have announced a significant upgrade to Live and a second-generation version of their Push hardware, plus a new software protocol to allow different devices to stay in sync wirelessly.

Live 9.5, which is a free upgrade for all owners of Live 9, introduces a number of new features. Most notably, the Simpler device has been overhauled, waveform displays and metering have been improved and new analogue-modelled filter modes have been introduced. Designed in collaboration with Cytomic (who also developed the Glue compressor introduced back in Live 9.0), the filters are integrated within the Sampler, Simpler, Operator and Auto Filter devices. Find out more about the new features here.

The second-generation Push features a larger, multi-colour display, improved hands-on sampling options and softer pads, which are claimed to be more expressive. Owners of the original Push can trade in their unit for a 30% discount on the new model. Returned Push 1s will be refurbished and donated to music education programmes for young people. Find out more about the trade-in scheme here. If you choose to hold onto your Push 1, Live 9.5 will provide it with new features.

Ableton have also announced Link, a new protocol which will allow devices to play in sync wirelessly. Link will be released “soon” as a free update to Live and will be made available to iOS app developers in order to provide third-party support.

Live 9.5 is available now as a free upgrade for all Live owners. Push 2 is priced at €699.

Check out some of Ableton’s product demonstration videos for the new releases below.

Author Eric Brünjes
2nd November, 2015


  • wow a push 2 already might be a bad move but it looks great

  • and push trade in is great for the kids

  • Damn, I just bought the first one three weeks ago 😐

  • Push 1 is STILL a fantastic controller. I’m sure Push 1 will be supported for quite some time as it is similar to Push 2 in many respects. Plus, Push 2 is at a different price point in comparison to Push 1. Lastly, the fact that Ableton offers a trade-in of your Push 1 for a discount on a new Push 2 is pretty cool.
    HOWEVER, I can understand if someone purchased a Push 1 recently only to hear a Push 2 was released. That is a bummer if you would have chosen Push 2. But again, Push 1 is still amazing. Just my 2 cents

  • Sure, you’re totally right and I don’t regret buying it at al, using it almost daily. Just a bit of bad luck, had I known before, I would’ve waited a month to cop the new one.

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