Modulators can be daunting but they sound great. Flux Pro by Caelum Audio is no different and packs a punch. We show you 5Ways to use it.

In our latest 5Ways video, we put to test Flux Pro by Caelum Audio. Flux Pro is a newcomer on the scene hoping to knock off their lofty perch the excellent Infiltrator 2 or ShaperBox. There is always space for modulation in the mix and there’s space for more modulation plugins in the market too.

A plugin that scored 5/5 on Music Radar is always going to be good and towards the end of the summer, Attack’s Adam Douglas also gave us his take. He elaborated in his summary: “Even if you already have a modulation plugin or two, they probably can’t do everything that Flux Pro does, which makes it worth a look and listen. And at $49.99 it’s a steal”.

So what does it do? In this video, we show you 5Ways it does all sorts of modulation mayhem. If you like Flux Pro you can get 30% off using Attacks special discount code.

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3rd November, 2022

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