Producer, DJ and live performer Vince Watson has just dropped his ‘DnA – (Re)Sequenced’ remix album, which features reworks from techno royalty including Carl Craig, Claude Young, Jon Dixon, John Beltran and Steve Rachmad. We asked the contributors to talk us through the project, Track By Track.

Vince Watson’s ‘DnA [re]Sequenced’ remix album collects together some serious techno players, all with a Detroit ‘flavour’ and all from the three places that have most influenced Watson: Scotland, Amsterdam and of course Detroit. So you get Carl Craig, Jon Dixon, Steve Rachmad, Claude Young, Stephen Brown, John Beltran, Stephen Lopkin and Shawn Rudiman all taking turns to put their musical stamp on the tracks from Watson’s 2019 ‘DnA’ album. It’s released on his Everysoul Audio label which has become home to most of Watson’s musical projects. We asked each contributor to talk us through their remix. 

Vince Watson on Carl Craig’ Ride or Die remix of Holographic

Holographic was absolutely the perfect track for Carl to remix…so when he asked me to choose the track for him, it was always gonna be Holographic. The entire original ‘DnA’ album was inspired by Carl and his Motown peers, and Holographic was my take on the sounds of that era that Carl was making. I am very proud and happy to have him on board again for this big project, and his remix is killer.

Jon Dixon – [re]Evolution (Jon Dixon Remix)

When I first listened to all the tracks that Vince sent over, there was something special about this track. The synth stood out and grabbed me. It was so Detroit! I got all the parts and listened to everything individually. The synth still stood out more than anything else. When he explained his vision and inspiration behind the tracks and the project itself, I was instantly reminded of the Detroit of the 1990s and early 2000s. It was a special place and was very unique to see before the “evolution” it is currently undergoing. It’s a special place in my mind that I like to go and revisit when I want to capture certain elements, and for this remix, that’s what I did. Anyone who remembers Detroit from 2000 and before can relate to how it looked and felt compared to now. Consider yourself blessed if you’ve ever had the chance to spend time here during that period of time!

Claude Young – Universal Language (Claude Young Remix)

I have always really loved Vince’s music. Universal Language is a prototypical VW track. And I mean that in the best possible way!
The track features the funky bass-line, swirling strings and beautiful chords that are Vince”s trademark. It’s hard to pick a favourite track from such an accomplished producer, but for me Universal Language is that one track that always gives me goosebumps when I hear it. It’s a magnificent journey into sound.

Steve Rachmad – Second Wave (Steve Rachmad Remix)

I have no idea how many remix projects of Vince I’ve worked on. It’s quite some. What I can say is that it’s always fun to work with his musical music. I chose this track because of the beautiful chord scheme in it and I made it a bit more mine. Vince is a true chord master.

John Beltran – Second Wave (John Beltran’s Pan Am Remix)

So yeah this was a fun one for me. Vince is one of the few guys out there that can do a little of everything. I think he and I are alike in a lot of ways. I chose this track to remix because it had an authentic Detroit thing going on. My approach was to return the favour and put a more British flavour to my mix with break beat, and a Future Sound of London meets 808 State spirit to it. I hope I achieved it!

Stephen Lopkin – Second Wave (Stephen Lopkin Remix)

Second Wave was my favourite track from DNA, so I was glad to get the chance to remix it. I didn’t want to stray too far from the original as it was perfect as it was, so the original is still very much intact. Just some additional drums and synths were added, and the chords re-arranged. A slight tweak for 2021.”

Stephen Brown – Immersion (Stephen Brown Remix)

Remixing music that’s almost perfect is always a challenge. For this remix, I decided just to add more of the same in the form of strings and melodies while trying to keep the same feel as the original. I wanted to avoid the obvious 4/4 Dancefloor edit, instead just slightly changing the arrangement and adding a few layers

Shawn Rudiman – Metamorphosis (Shawn Rudiman Remix)

When I approached this song and the remix, it sorta became pollution fog, old mercury vapour halogen street lights, endless, non-stop blurring lights, passing signs and stacks of human habitation mountains all around. It’s not dynamic. It’s a straight-out, mainline shot to a subconscious level zone that you arrive at after endless driving and losing track of conscious thought.

Vince Watson’s ‘DnA [re]Sequenced is available to buy and stream on ‘Bandcamp.


14th November, 2021

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