“I know it’s proper cheese… Please don’t rinse me for it!” Toolroom’s Weiss picks some all-time favourites, including a classic power ballad.

What’s the first record you ever bought?

Luckily, I had a lot of records given to me as a young child, but the first ever record I bought was Kadoc – ‘The Night Train’ on an import from Amsterdam. I traveled to Guildford on the train when I was about 13 and spent all my pocket money on it. I was so excited to get home and play it on my belt-driven decks.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

Growing up I listened to a lot of electronic dance music from the 80s, but I started off listening to hardcore mix tapes on my Walkman walking to school in the early 90s, and then started to buy records.

Your favourite ever record?

This is such a tough question, but if I had to pick one… ‘Boy In The Bubble’ by Paul Simon from the Graceland album. I just love the whole album but this one has to be one of my favourites from it.

The guilty pleasure?

Hmm, interesting… Foreigner – ‘I Want To Know What Love Is.’ Yes, yes, I know it’s proper cheese but I think it’s a well-written song. Please don’t rinse me for it!

The last track of the night?

I do like playing a classic at the end of the night: Kariya, Frankie Knuckles but… Gat Décor – ‘Passion (Original Mix)’ always seems to come out.

The best chillout record?

I love Massive Attack and everything they have ever done but ‘Teardrop’ is a great one for me.

The best record for a family party?

The Proclaimers – ‘Letter From America.’ What a great party track, it tends to get everyone up.

The worst record you’ve ever heard?

Aqua – ‘Barbie Girl’. Fucking terrible!!!

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5th April, 2017

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