As he prepares the release of his In The House mix album for Defected Records, the Danish producer and Noir Music boss picks his all-time favourites and explains why he just had to buy his first record before he even owned a turntable.


The first record I ever bought

‘I Don’t Want Your Love’ by Duran Duran was the first 12-inch I bought with my own money. I was 12 years old and I didn’t have a turntable – I was still saving up at the time, but I just wanted the remix by Shep Pettibone for my future collection so I bought the vinyl before being able to actually hear it!

The first time I remember hearing electronic music

Kraftwerk’s ‘Home Computer’. A good friend of mine had a big brother who was really into electronic music, so we got introduced to it that way. I remember he recorded cassette tapes of Kraftwerk for us and I fell in love with this particular track, listening to it over and over again. I was six or seven years old when this was on repeat. We used to spend hours in his room listening to his new vinyls and being extremely fascinated.

The last track of the night

I got this bootleg of ‘Paris Is For Lovers’ from my friend Fet et Moi a couple of years ago and I still play it a lot as the last track of the night or an extra track. It’s so well done. Most people know the lyrics and can sing along to this one. It’s the perfect end tune to take things down, before people go home or move on to the afterparty.

My favourite of my own tracks

‘Found Out’ with Richard Davis. People probably think ‘Around’ is my favourite, but I actually feel more proud of this one. I just love the layers, melodies and the overall mood of this track. It’s a bit more complicated to play in the clubs than ‘Around’, but for that I have the ‘Club Re-Rub’ which works really well. Richard Davis did a wonderful job on the vocal recordings.

The guaranteed floor-filler

Solomun’s remix of ‘Around’. It’s very obvious I know, but it’s become a club classic and especially when Solomun or myself play it it creates some serious reactions that I rarely see from any other track in the clubs. It’s not shameless self-promotion here, just a true fact from my DJ sets… Nine out of ten times it’s the biggest track of the night and a 100% guaranteed floor-filler.

22nd January, 2013


  • I absolutely adore Noir’s release both as an artist and a label; so it was funny to see how many of our music tastes match. Not surprising I guess.


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