“When I was very young, my dad came home early one morning and told me about this new music called ‘acid house’. I remember liking the little smiley face…” Miguel Campbell talks us through the records that shaped his musical career.

What’s the first record you ever bought?

Musical Youth – ‘Pass the Dutchie’. I was a very young boy when this group of young black youths released this hit and made it on to Top Of The Pops! My dad used to buy lots of reggae vinyl, and as Musical Youth was a reggae-style group, they had the LP in our local reggae record shop and my dad bought it for me.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

Again, when I was very young, my dad once came home early one morning and he had some cassette tapes with him, and he told me about this new music that was being played in the clubs, called ‘acid house’. I remember liking the little smiley face that had been drawn onto the inlay and remember my father telling me it was bad!

Your favourite ever record?

Digital UndergroundSex Packets. This is a record that took me a long time to get hold of here in the UK, but when I did get hold of it, I played it non-stop and all the kids at our youth club would dance around on one leg to ‘The Humpty Dance’!

The guaranteed floor-filler?

‘Something Special’. Still does it every time! I don’t often play the original record anymore, but when I mix up the acapella the crowd always gets down!

The last track of the night?

Breakbot – ‘Back For More’. I like to finish the night with a clubby disco or funk number, and this one is doing it for me at the moment!

The soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Daft Punk – ‘Make Love’. I love this track, and it’s one of my favourite Daft Punk records. I could listen to it on repeat forever. Recently, I saw a guy had made a one-hour loop video of this track on YouTube. I’ve listened to it a few times already.

The record you’re proudest of?

I would have to say my Baby I Got It EP on Hot Creations. This is the record that really took my career to new heights, and I still get lots of requests to play the tracks from it.

A very close second, however, is my remix of Etienne De Crecy‘s ‘Hashtag My Ass’, taken from his Super Discount 3 Album. When listening to the first two Super Discount albums, I never thought that I would ever have a chance to work with any of my idols, and I am very proud to be a part of this legacy.


Miguel Campbell’s Night Drive Without You LP is out now on Outcross Records. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

16th December, 2015


  • great to see some love for Digital Underground’s debut album !


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