“To see Jamie Jones playing my music for the first time and seeing the crowd’s reaction sent goosebumps all over my body. That’s why I make music.” Leftwing & Kody talk us through their all-time favourites.

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What’s the first record you ever bought?

Leftwing: The first record I ever bought was called M-Dubs – ‘Over You’. I hammered the shit out of it and it’s still one of my favourite tracks.

Kody: First record that was bought for me was the Never Ending Story soundtrack by Limahl. I’ve still got that on vinyl somewhere. The first album I bought myself was It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

L : That’s a hard one. I think the first time I ever heard it was when all those illegal raves were happening in the 80s. I remember seeing it on the news – all the locals compaining about the noise. I would love to experience one of those parties.

K: First memory of hearing electronic music was probably something by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, which my parents played a lot. They were a band that used a lot of synths and electronic drums in their music.

Your favourite ever record?

L: That’s so hard to say, favourite record ever, but one of my all time favourites is The Mamas & The Papas – ‘California Dreaming’.

K: My favourite record is difficult to choose but I always seem to go for ‘Paint It Black’ by The Rolling Stones. There’s just something about that song that covers all the bases.

The last track of the night?

L: Hands down, Nathan Fake – ‘The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)’. We have closed so many sets with this, but the most memorable was closing Watergate in Berlin at 11am, a gig I will never forget.

K: It’s a toss up between two Booka Shade Records, either ‘Mandarine Girl’ or ‘In White Rooms’. The chord progressions in both those tracks are insane and pull the heart strings.

26th June, 2015

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