The last track of the night?

Depending on what the night is, it could be an outstanding piece of beatless music, or something mega funky. It just has to have a signature after having drawn a portrait – it depends on what we’ve drawn. One of my favourites is Dapayk & Midnight – ‘Emergency’.

The best chillout record?

See above under ‘best record ever’. But again, names… Lucien-N-Luciano – ‘La Ondita’, Chinawoman – ‘Show Me The Face’, Armando Travajoli – ‘Decisione’.



The record everyone loves but you hate?

Oh gosh, there are a few. One in particular, which I can’t name because I do respect the person who made it (and it was HUGE).

The best record for a family party?

I suppose I speak on behalf of my family… very tricky. My parents have never been into music. My sister, who’s five years older than me, was a rock and pop girl, and I’ve always loved electronic. My mum hates jazz and I love it. My nephew plays the piano and the trumpet. I guess we’d have different opinions on this matter…

The soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Something funky, which turns the lazy day into a more dynamic day! However, we had a party a while ago in the summer in our garden, and I’d prepared a playlist for that. This is a little extract: Wonda Boogie – ‘Jam In Pumpwork’, Hot Chocolate – ‘Don’t Turn It Off (Extended Edit)’ and Putsch 79 – ‘Asian Girls’.



The worst record you’ve ever heard?

It’s actually one our tracks, which potentially is a nice track, but it sounds SOOOOO BAD. I’m never gonna say which track it is, but every time I hear it (and sometimes I play it briefly just to give myself a reminder of what’s the worst you can do), I feel embarrassed.

The future classic?

Italoboyz featuring Durant – ‘La Ondasa’!


Italoboyz featuring Durant – ‘La Ondasa’ is out now on This and That Lab, and their track with Blind Minded, ‘Episode #6’, is out May 19th on Superfiction. Find them on Facebook and SoundCloud.

7th May, 2014

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